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Aspen Speech Therapy, owned by Fort Collins local Kristi Kelly provides innovative speech therapy to patients of any age that are seeking to improve their quality of life. Aspen Speech Therapy has locations in both Fort Collins and Greeley, and is now expanding to Cheyenne, Wyoming! Aspen Speech Therapy provides patients with the necessary tools to help them communicate to their best ability as well as swallow safely and effectively to maintain a desirable quality of life.

Specializing in dysphagia, cognitive and language disorders related to neurological impairments or injury, voice problems and other speech therapy related issues, Aspen Speech Therapy is the only private practice in Northern Colorado trained in performing Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing.

Speech therapy is something that can benefit both adults and children .

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Free Language, articulation and swallowing screenings.

Early Detection is Key to Addressing Communication Disorders

In an effort to educate the public on the prominence of communication disorders and the importance of proactive screenings, Aspen Speech Therapy is offering free language, articulation and swallowing screening for children. The assessments will be held at the Greeley and Fort Collins offices, by appointment only.