Speech therapy helps children develop the skills for communication and helps children suffering from speech and language impairments.


  • Speech (producing sounds that make up words)
  • Language- Receptive (ability to understand spoken and written words)
  • Language-Expressive (ability to express meaning through words)
  • Apraxia (inability to perform learned movements on command, even though the command is understand and there is willingness to perform the movement)
  • Aphasia (impairment of the ability to speak and write and failure to arrange words in their proper order)
  • Stuttering
  • Swallowing
  • Social Skills
  • Hearing

Examples of Diagnoses in children that may benefit from speech therapy:  Developmental Delay, Autism, Mental Retardation, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Cleft Palate, Hearing Impairment, Dysphagia, and Genetic Syndromes

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